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Renewable energy options such as off grid, hybrid and grid tied solar PV systems, as well as battery back-up options have become affordable alternatives for home owners. Component costs have become more competitively priced and the maintenance cost on solar PV is very low. Our residential solar solutions are uniquely designed for both optimised savings and continuous power reducing the stresses associated with load shedding. Offering bespoke packages to our clients allow for no more power outages and high electricity bills and therefore successfully running households & home offices during load shedding.

We continually invest in research and development to push the boundaries of energy independence for our clients. Our relentless pursuit of excellence enables us to deliver highly efficient and reliable solar installations that maximize energy generation while minimizing environmental impact. Through our expertise and technological advancements, we aim to accelerate the global transition to clean energy and contribute significantly to combating South Africa’s energy crisis.

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What Some Of Our Clients Say

Clive Robinson
4 October 2023
So professional fron day 1. Fast, efficient and affordable.
Danielle Oswald
24 June 2023
Amazing service fron the whole team. They are so busy with the solar influx, but despite this, they have been so helpful, the system installation went smoothly and after sales service is great! The latter sold me on this company in the first place! Very happy!
Peter Greaves
16 May 2023
Every aspect of my purchase of my Solar power installation was done efficiently, courteously and effectively. Response times to all questions was always fast and delivery and installation was done 3 days ahead of schedule. The entire installation took only 7 hours and I can happily recommend Energy Gurus who want a professional and comprehensive service with their solar installation.
Abraham Vermeulen
5 May 2023
Excellent service, highly knowledgeable and would recommend anyone interested in solar installation and wanting a one stop provider, Energy Gurus is the answer. Want to thank Lukas, Shane and installation team. Impressed by the speed of doing full installation in single day and for the post installation support and knowledge transfer in how to manage our solar. Great to be with electricity for past two weeks. Wish the business lots of success
Ruan Willemse
7 March 2023
I can highly recommend Energy Gurus for the installation of a solar system. From the day I got the quote right up until the COC was handed over to me. The whole process was handled professionally and was done with extreme neatness and precision. As they only use top quality products and only tier 1 panels, I can honestly say that my money was invested well. Not to mention the ongoing after sales service, something you don’t see nowadays. Keep up the amazing works guys, you’re setting the bar very high for the rest out there. 5 Stars all the way!!