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  • Irene, Pretoria
  • 3 Weeks

Environmental Impact

3 303

Litres of Gasoline

27 091

Trees Saved

5 002 568

Litres of Fuel

What makes this project different?

The college that will be celebrating 25 years in 2023, is certainly paving the way for our future generations, and it is a proudachievement as one of the first schools to have embarked on a solar installation project of this magnitude in the country. Environmental sustainability is embedded at the core of Cornwall Hill College’s strategy, and although discussions relating to alternative power solutions began approximately four years’ ago, it became a reality and materialised in the second half of 2022, and was made possible by The Energy Gurus.

Cornwall Hill College solar pV installation

Environmental awareness and our impact on our globe form a very important part of the strategy of CHC. We have accordingly been discussing replacing our electricity supply with a PV system for some time. This is an important action point in the plan. There has been much excitement created on the student body, and amongst the staff and parents about this and we hope that it drives the broader environmental agenda going forward. It was a great pleasure working with Energy Gurus and we appreciated the knowledge of your team; the advice that we received from you and the efficiency with which the plant was erected.

Grant Theron

Rector, Cornwall Hill College

Project Timeline and Equipment


  • Location: Irene, Pretoria
  • System Owner: Cornwall Hill College
  • Timeline: 3 weeks
  • System Size: 435 kWp
  • Panels: 850 total installed
    • 701 x Trina 550Wp panels 
    • 148 x JA solar 340Wp panels
  • 3 State of the art GoodWe 260kVA inverters
  • 1 year service level agreement, 15 year warranty on inverters & 25 year warranty on all panels
    Cornwall Hill College cut the ribbon to their new solar PV installation
    Cornwall Hill College solar pV installation

    “From a time constraint point of view, we had a period of three weeks to complete an enormous amount of work namely; installation of 850 roof solar panels, installation of an 8km special cable management system, 600m of trenches that were dug by hand, 250 metres of paving that had to be lifted and replaced, installation of 3 GoodWe invertors (260kVA) and the integration of a generator.

    This project was different when compared to any other industrial project because of the children who were on-site, and the team ensured that the health and safety of the children were a priority, and secondly our team had to ensure that there were no disruptions during the learning period whilst adhering to all the health and safety guidelines as outlined by the school.

    Within a period of four days upon commencement of the project, the team was able to have 700 solar panels delivered on-site which is testament to the expertise of The Energy Gurus team.

    Adriaan Ballack

    Project Manager, The Energy Gurus

    Cornwall Hill College solar pV installation

    Positioned as one of its kind, the school operates in a completely paperless environment, and hence the need was established for solar power to ensure that there are no disruptions within the learning environment especially during loadshedding.


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