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  • Centurion, Gauteng
  • 3 Weeks

Environmental Impact

2 134

Litres of Gasoline

17 664

Trees Saved

3 340 505

Litres of Fuel

What makes this project different?

ComAfrica is a personal care brand thats enriches lives through a range of personal and homecare products which have been tailormade to ensure unbeatable quality and value for money for their consumers.

Solar PV systems offer significant long-term cost savings for factories. By generating their own electricity from solar power, factories can reduce their reliance on traditional grid-supplied electricity and offset a substantial portion of their energy consumption. This leads to lower monthly energy bills and helps protect against rising electricity costs over time. Additionally, solar PV systems have a long lifespan, typically ranging from 25 to 30 years, which translates into decades of reduced energy expenses.

Factories can enjoy significant cost savings, reduce their environmental impact, enhance energy independence and reliability, access government incentives, fulfill corporate social responsibility goals, and make a long-term investment in a sustainable energy future. Solar PV is a versatile and beneficial energy solution that can contribute to the success and resilience of factories in an increasingly environmentally conscious country.

We asked COMAFRICA what the driving factor was in their decision to choose solar and what challenges they were facing:

“The rising cost of electricity, unstable power supply and frequent power cuts were the driving force behind our decision to look at solar”

Zain Yousuf

General Manager, ComAfrica

Project Timeline and Equipment

  • Location: Centurion, Gauteng
  • System Owner: ComAfrica
  • System Size: 120kW
  • Solar Panels: 180 JA Solar 540W panels installed
  • Inverters: GoodWe HT120kW x 1
  • Project Duration: 3 weeks
  • 1 year service level agreement, 15 year warranty on inverters & 25 year warranty on all panels

“When we first consulted with the Managing Director, Mr Qasim, he expressed his concerns about wanting to control his running costs in the factory but was unsure if a solar system would actually work due to previous bad experiences. Over several consultations with Mr Qasim, we explained the benefits and technology behind a correctly installed and engineered system. We explained that even if good quality and top of the range components are installed incorrectly, possibly by inexperienced or unqualified technicians,  a solar system will not perform correctly. 

Ultimately one is not investing in solar panels but investing in the energy output of the system itself. 

To reassure Mr Qasim, we took him to two of our other sites showing and proving that our systems work. We introduced him to some of our other clients where he discussed and got the necessary feedback he needed. This gave him peace of mind – a rest assurance – that he knew he was in good hands and that his money invested would be worth while and effectively reduce his power costs in his factory. 

We gave a very detailed proposal with exact figures, time frames and ROI on the system. Mr. Qasim gave us the go ahead to start with phase one of his project, which was the injection moulding plant, and then based on the performance of the system during the first few months, he would implement a phase 2 approach ( the second building which manufactures the company’s personal care products). Phase 2 was implemented in July 2022. 

We have been extremely happy with the performance and the output of the system installed and it was our pleasure to help ComAfrica with their operating costs and productivity in their factories.” 

Alexis Barwise

Head of Project Design, The Energy Gurus

The plant features mainly 2 large buildings for both the manufacturing of formulations and plastic packaging, as well as an in-house laboratory with a qualified in-house chemist.The plant formulates, manufactures and packages a wide range of products under the CREZ, VEEROX, 123, TYROX and BIOFRESH brands. They specialize in hair care, skin care, lotions and cleaning/household products and distribute primarily into sub-Saharan Africa.


The Energy Gurus are a South African engineering firm specializing in energy measurement, power quality and renewable solutions. We guide our clients through every step of their energy journey, from initial consultations and system design to installation, maintenance, and ongoing support. Our end-to-end solutions ensure a seamless experience and maximum return on investment for our valued customers.

We measure, analyse and then recommend what is best for the company or end user. We have successfully carried out many turnkey EPCM contracts in the energy sector which makes us flexible to align different service offerings depending on the specific projects’ requirements.

Our engineers consult with our clients to define exactly what is it that they need to start reducing their monthly energy expenditure and costs from day 1.